CYLAID | I2 Charger
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CYLAID | I2 Charger

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Product details of Cylaid i2 Fast Charger (2A) – 18650 Battery Charger The i2 charger is universal smart charger compatible with almost rechargeable Li-ion batteries on the market. An integrated digital LCD screen clearly displays all charging parameters, 1A for each side. Each of the two battery slots monitors and chargers independently. Overtime and reverse polarity protection. USB powered Li-ion battery charger Features micro USB output charging Integrated intelligent power management system Intelligently detects input power Input: Micro USB DC 5V, 2A Output:4.2v, 2A/1A/0.5A Compatible with: Li-ion: 26650, 20700,18650, 18500,18350,17670, 17500,16340,14500,10440 3.7V Lithium battery and so on.

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