ONE CLOUD | Smart Edition 3mg 120ml

One Cloud Industries

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  • Plush Fruit Cocktail- A combination of guava, peach, grapes, pineapple, strawberry, berries, and cherries punched into a great tasting cocktail (hint of ice)- 60ml/3mg
  • Ulti Mango- A delicious sweet mango juice (hint of ice)- 60ml/3mg
  • Cream Soda Float- A bright-green, sweet, bubbly, vanilla vape juice- 60ml/3mg
  • Vanilla Gelato- The sweet and milky ice cream flavor vape juice- 3mg/60ml
  • Honey Crunch Cereal- A crunchy sweet breakfast cereal, perfect anytime. Enjoy the bits of oats drizzled with honey-60ml/3mg
  • Diddly’s Condensed Milk- A delicious strawberry Condensed milk vape juice- brings back memories of the Dirkie Condensed Milk.- 60ml/3mg
  • Black Lychee- a perfect combination of juicy blackcurrants and sweet lychee (hint of ice)- 60ml/3mg
  • Coffee Latte- Creamy coffee-60ml/3mg
  • Kiwi Apple Ice- Juicy iced apples and kiwi–60ml/3mg
  • Lolli Snappers- Fruity Ice Lollies- 60ml/3mg
  • Red Pineapple- delicious red raspberries and pineapple (hint of ice)- 60ml/3mg
  • Cinnamon Pancake- Sweet and delicious cinnamon coated pancakes- 60ml/3mg
  • Cupcake- A beautifully whipped sweet, lip-smacking melt-in-your-mouth cupcake flavored vape juice- 60ml/3mg
  • Cherry Blast- the name says it all! A BLAST OF CHERRIES- 60ml/3mg
  • Granny’s Nougat- Chocolate covered nougat- 60ml/3mg
  • Mr. Mint- A sweet and lingering cool effect on the tongue- 60ml/3mg
  • Grape Shot- a shot that will knock you out- 60ml/3mg